QBA605: Ethics, Personnel Management and Supervision

This is the fifth course in the QABA pre-approved QBA series. This course covers 20 hours of Legal, Ethical, and Professional Considerations including a detailed review of the QABA Ethical Code of Conduct. https://qababoard.com/wp-content/uploads/Code-of-Ethics-03-25-21.pdf

$ 499.00 USD

This course also covers the required 20 hours of Training and Supervision and 5 hours of Antecedent Interventions.

Students will learn QBA's and QASP's ethical responsibility to the profession of behavior analysis as supervisors and supervisees; ethical responsibility to clients and stakeholders; colleagues; ethical responsibility to supervisees and trainees and their responsibility as a professional and in practice as a Qualified Behavior Analyst (QBA) and a Qualified Autism Services Practitioner and Supervisor (QASP-S). Students will also learn the responsibility of a QBA and QASP-S when making public statements and when involved in research.