QBA601: Principles & Characteristics of Behavior

This course covers the required 35 hours of instruction for Core Principles of ABA and 10 hours of Antecedent Interventions for the QBA coursework.

$ 499.00 USD

This course covers the core principles and characteristics of behavior including classical and operant conditioning, the four-term contingency, and an in-depth look at the 7 dimensions of ABA. This course will also cover conditioned motivating operations including CMO-R, CMO-T, and CMO-S. The course will introduce antecedent interventions and discuss the purpose, function, and benefits of commonly used supports, such as visual supports, visual schedules, social stories, choice boards, video modeling, functional communication training (FCT), PECS, TEACCH, Skill-streaming, priming, and utilizing environmental modifications. This course will cover all the competencies covered under the QABA Standards for Core Principles of ABA meeting the 35 hour content requirement. The content will also cover 10 hours of Antecedent Intervention specifically covering the purpose, function, and benefits of commonly used supports.

Method of Delivery

This is an online self pace distance learning course.