QBA Six Course Series

The Qualified Behavior Analyst Certificate Program is pre-approved by the QABA Credentialing Board for meeting the 270 hours of coursework. The Certificate Programs covers all the competencies outlined in the QABA Competency Standards.

$ 2,500.00 USD

We are excited to announce the release of the QBA Certificate program consisting of six courses. Each course is equivalent to 45 classroom hours and is offered as a standalone course for those students who only need to study specific topic areas in order to meet the QABA’s coursework requirements. This requirement is required in order to sit for the QBA Certification Examination. These QABA pre-approved courses meet the required 270 hours of training and coursework. Optimus Education is not affiliated in any way with the QABA Credentialing Board and our courses are offered independently to the QABA. We encourage our students to visit the QABA Board website for more information about the QBA Certification.

All of the courses are offered as an online and self-paced educational program.  There are recommended textbooks and reading assignments for each course.

The program consists of these six courses:

  1. QBA601: Principles & Characteristics of Behavior(45 classroom hours)
  2. QBA602 Behavior Assessment (45 classroom hours)
  3. QBA603: Experimental Evaluation, Intervention & Behavior Change Considerations (45 classroom hours)
  4. QBA604: Behavior Change Procedures (45 classroom hours)
  5. QBA605: Ethics, Personnel Management and Supervision (45 classroom hours)
  6. QBA606: Autism Spectrum Disorders and Specific ABA Treatment Strategies (45 classroom hours)

We are offering limited promotional and group discounted tuition so please email us for inquiries.