QASP501: Basic Principles and Characteristics of Behavior

The is the 1st course in the QABA Pre-approved QASP series. This course meets the equivalence of 45 classroom hours and covers the following domains required in the QASP-S ® 2022 Competency Standards: (30 hours) Domain C: Core Principles of ABA (C.1, C.2, C.3, C.4, C.5, C.6, C.7, C.8, C.9, C.10. C.11, C.12, C.13, C.14) (15 hours) Domain F. Behavior Reduction Interventions (F.1, F.2. F.4, F.5) *remaining Domain competencies are covered in QASP503.

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Recommended Textbooks for the QASP-S Four Course Series and Certificate Program: **In some regions access to these books may be limited. If Amazon is available in your region or country, often used copies are available as well as the ability to “rent” the etextbook.** The readings are not required for the QASP-S Coursework but highly recommended.**

  • 1. Cooper, Heron & Heward. (2020). Applied Behavior Analysis, 3rd edition ISBN-13: 978-0134752556; ISBN-10: 0134752554
  • 2. Mayer, Sulzer-Azaroff, & Wallace. (2019). Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change, 4 th Edition. Sloan Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-159738-085-0; ISBN=10: 159738-085-7
  • 3. Lavgina (2007), Alternatives to Punishment, Ardent Media Inc (January 25, 2007)

Optional but Recommended Texts

  • 1. L. Keith Miller (1997). Principles of everyday behavior analysis.
  • 2. Martin, G. & Pear, J. (2000). Behavior Modification: What is it and how to do it? Prentice


  • Students will be required to complete online lessons as outlined in the syllabus.
  • It is recommended that the students complete the readings as outlined in the syllabus as supplemental information on each topic area.
  • Content included in the online course presentations covers the content in the QASP-S certification exam.