Arabic Supported Instruction Registration & Enrollment

مرحبا بكم في سلسلة دورات " QBA و QASP-S   " والمعتمدة من قبل " QABA  " للتسجيل بالدورات والإشراف عليها ستجد الخيارات المختلفة المتاحة في الجدول التالي:

Arabic Supported Online Sessions

These weekly online sessions are optional and can be purchased as an “add-on” to the self-paced, student directed online learning modules and readings. Currently the online sessions are offered to students in groups between 5-10 students.
Our next QASP “study” group is starting August 1, 2022
Monthly cost: $100USD
4 month series (16 online sessions): $400USD
This cost is in ADDITION to the course tuition.
Our QBA “Study” group will be starting the second week in August.
If you are interested in joining this group please contact me at
Contact Vicki Moeller
Course Series
As Clinical instructor to coursework only
Experience required by QABA
Supervision Hours
As clinical supervisor to fieldwork experience
Both coursework & supervision
$2000 USD
1500 Hours
75 Hours
$5000 USD
$7000 USD
$1500 USD
1000 Hours
50 Hours
$2500 USD
$3500 USD